Chiang Mai Buddy Fee Schedule

What We Do
Price (Baht)
Airport Pickup Airport pickup and drop off service. 650
Complete Arrival Service Airport pickup, accommodation booking, motorbike booking, and SIM card awaits! 1500
Accommodation Booking Great monthly rentals to accommodate any budget. 1000
Sak Yant Tattoo Real Sak Yant from a monk or shaman for men and women. 3000-3500
Motorbike Rental Well-maintained machines from trusted suppliers (monthly rental only). 3500
Vehicle Ownership Transfer Much needed assistance navigating the Transport office process. 2000
Hire A Buddy Have a Thai-speaking person accompany you to help communicate and negotiate with business and service providers around town. 500 per hour
1 Year Education Visa (Self-Defence) Stay in Chiang Mai for a year learning self-defence skills from certified military trainers (includes 90-day reporting). 35000
1 Year Volunteer Visa & Work Permit Stay in Chiang Mai for a year volunteering with a local charitable foundation. 35000
Retirement Visa Normal and expedited application process for visitors over 50 years of age. Price dependant on application type
90 Day Reporting Worry-free assistance for all visa classes. 500 (group discount available)
Residency Certificate Required for vehicle ownership transfer, driver license, opening a bank account, and other services. 1500
Thai Driver License Avoid police roadblock fines with the right document. 900 (includes govt fees)
Visa Extension (All Classes) Expert help and guidance to extend your stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 4500 (includes govt fees)
Open Thai Bank Account A much necessary convenience for Digital Nomads and a requirement for retirement visa applicants. 1000
Internet & TV Cable Connection Help getting you wired up and connected in your place of residence. Price depends on package
Insurance Travel, health, life, medical, and personal accident insurance to give you protection and piece of mind. Ask for quote
Expat/Retirement Orientation Tour Personalized tours to help you get to know this beautiful city. 2000
Digital Nomad Orientation Tour Hooking you up with the fastest connections, coolest work spots, community groups, and more! 1500
Luggage Storage Short-term storage service up to one cubic meter. 500 per month
Maid & Cleaning Service Regular scheduled cleanings or one-time move-in/out jobs. 400 per hour
Airbnb Management Cleaning only or total management of your rental property. Call for pricing
Consultancy Expert guidance navigating any kind of need or situation in Chiang Mai (book mandatory appointment online). 500 BHT per 30 minutes

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Please Note


  • Hiring a Buddy will usually involve preparation time and travel. A 2-hour minimum charge is required and then any additional time requiring will require additional cash payment (unless you have an online account with credit).
  • Hiring a Buddy, or finding accommodation on short notice can be difficult. We will try—but better to book in advance.
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