Western food in Thailand

Finding and Eating Western Food in Chiang Mai

It does not take very long living in Thailand before you will discover that western food is 3 to 5 times more expensive than eating at the local Thai restaurants. There are many reasons for this, most notably the luxury tax system, where goods that are deemed by the government to be luxurious, are taxed.  Sadly many western based food items like milk, cheese, canned and frozen foreign foods are considered a luxury. Additionally the demand for many products that Thai’s generally do not eat (baked goods, breads, beef, cakes) is small.  Many of these items are produced at a local level or imported and tend to cost more.

At the moment this is the reality, and if you are unable to adapt your diet to eat the same as the people in the country – bottom line it is going to cost you more to eat. Worse (for me anyhow) is I sometimes get a hankering for a meat sandwich or a self cooked ‘taste of home’ meal and shopping for this one meal could otherwise feed me at local food joints for 4 or 5 days.

But what can you do? I have a digestive system and taste preference profile that was built up over years living in my own country. Sometimes I just got to eat a western meal.

Fast Food & Delivery Services in Chiang Mai

Luckily for the immediate satisfaction there are many of the old familiar and favorite (at least American) fast food chains across Chiang Mai. These will deliver (usually for free but a tip is customary).  Food Panda is a worldwide delivery service that will take your order online, pick up and deliver usually within an hour for 150 baht.


KFC hiang MaiDelivers all over Chiang Mai,
Tel: 1150
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McDonaldsDeliver all around Chiang Mai
Tel: 1711
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[one_half] Pizza Company Chiang MaiDeliver all around Chiang Mai
Tel: 1112
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Pizza Hut Chiang MaiDeliver all around Chiang Mai
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foodpandaFood Panda Delivery Service
Delivers from many outlets for 150 baht
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Western Restaurants & Bars in Chiang Mai

Luckily for Westerners living in Chiang Mai, others have come before you and often have come from a food and beverage background.  Many of the bars that specialize in western customers also provide some good quality food.  Below is a selection of the more popular places.

The Dukes Chiang MaiThe Dukes in Chiang Mai

49/4-5 Chiang Mai-Lamphun Rd.
Ping River Branch: 053 249 231

Map Location

The Dukes Website.



In 2005 David Anichowski opened the Duke’s the first American restaurant by the Ping River in Chiang Mai.David.  Anichowski loves to eat great food and have a good time with family and friends, The Dukes slogan is “No claims…No Games…Just Great food” A lot of hard work has provided Great food, Great service and Great prices to the customer of the Duke’s

The Duke’s specially imports it’s beef from Australia and selects products from other local producers in Chiang Mai and Bangkok and now has three locations

The Pub in Chiang Mai

The Pub, 189 Huay Kaew Road,
+66 (0)53 211 550

Map Location

The Pub Website



Voted one of the best bars in the world by Newsweek, the pub is a rustic old English bar frequented by many of the Expat community living in Chiang Mai.  The pub serves a variety of beers and food that remind you of living back home in England.  Baked Beans, Curries, Sausages and mash potatoes and my personal favorite the Spare Ribs.

Since the first landlord, Mike Tinker, there has been a succession of international Mine Hosts, from South Africa to Argentina and currently from UK in the shape of Grahame Quinn and his wife Tong both have been running The Pub since 2004 during which time it has gone from strength to strength

In 1969 the building which is now The Pub was initially intended to be a library, but ended up as a popular watering hole for the local tobacco dealers, many of South African origin. Although not quite the first expat bar in Chiang Mai, Gymkhana Club has that distinction, it is certainly the first pub, hence the name, ‘The Pub’. As there was only one it didn’t need any other name.

Un Irish Bar Chiang MaiThe UN Irish in Chiang Mai

24-24/1 Ratwithi Road
+66 (0) 53 214 554

Map Location

The UN Irish Website




The U.N. Irish Pub and Restaurant is not your stereotypical Irish Pub.  While it’s got Guinness on tap, and its a great place to go for St. Patricks Day, there is little in the way of tacky theming.  It’s run by an Aussie and is a great place to hang out, in particular if you’re a sports fan.  Wander in any time and there will be a plethora of sports on the t.v. from football to formula 1, and from cricket to rugby. Yes I said cricket – where better to follow the ashes or the cricket world cup?  Oh, and I guess I should mention the Aussie rules game too.  There are three rooms for matches, two upstairs and one downstairs, which means if the game you want to see isn’t on when you walk in, you’ll likely find it on upstairs!

The U.N. Irish Pub also boasts a quiz night every Thursday, so its a great place for Trivia buffs too.  While there is no pool table, there is a dart board upstairs, as well as a small beer garden.  The low seats on the balcony overlooking the road provides a great spot for people watching.

Sausage King Chiang MaiThe Sausage King in Chiang Mai

332 Soi 13 Moo 2, Nong Chom,A.Sansai,Sansainoi
+66 53 127 585

Map Location

The Sausage King Website.



The Sausage King is located a little north and has a sit down restaurant in addition to selling its home made products nationwide.  Sausage King Chiang Mai offers local products hand selected and made to a strict high quality, fashioned towards items that westerners prefer.  Pies, cuts of meats, microwave meals, burgers it is all there at the Sausage King

3 little pigs chiang mai3 Little Pigs in Chiang Mai

242 Manee Napparat Rd. Chiang Mai

Map Location

3 Little Pigs Website.



At 3 Little Pigs you’ll find best of Southern Comfort Cooking in Chiang Mai Thailand and probably all of Asia. If not the first best than maybe the second best. Surely no worse than the third best … They hope Depends on who is cooking.

We be talking large portions of working folks foods. The website offers you their menu, shows you where to find the pork and if you really want to know more about them

river market chiang maiThe River Market in Chiang Mai

 Next to the “Iron bridge” at the end of Loi Kroh Road

Map Location

The River Market Website.



A favorite hangout of the Chiang Mai Expats Club. The River market is centrally located on the River Ping and overlooking the Iron Bridge. The Thai-Burmese Colonial inspired building was built with 95% recycled wood and using old traditional construction techniques. The high ceiling adds light and the roof structure was designed for the air to circulate and keep the building cool even on the hottest days.

The modern Thai kitchens showcase the food and the talented chefs that prepare it. Everything is cooked fresh using the best ingredients available. To make it a prefect meal we offer a selection of great wines, beers and cocktails chosen to compliment our food.

Frozen Western Food in Chiang Mai

Many of the restaurants and bars in Chiang Mai that serve western food, (like many consumers around the world) use frozen food. While there are no companies that specialize in solely western food, one company I have that supplies local food outlets does have a range of items they will sell to the consumer.  You can order directly from the rep Fon who will arrange delivery.

Fon’s Contact details

Ph: 090 316 2036
Email: jpowercm@gmail.com
Line: chompunuto807
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[one_half] Frozen Food to Order in Chiang Mai
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Frozen Food to Order in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Smke House

Click to enlarge

Chiang Mai Smoke House

52 Moo 5 Soi 6, 50210 Sanphanet Sansai Chiangmai
0861864713 Thai or English 0900519028 English Only

Delivery across Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai Smoke House Website.

 Finest Gourmet custom smoked meats in Thailand is the mission of the Chiang Mai Smoke House. Healthiest Smoked meats using only the finest GMP & HAACP certified products with NO MSG and Low Sodium. Call for delivery details




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