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Concierge Services in Chiang Mai

Welcome to Chiang Mai Buddy, a visitor concierge and consulting service of English speaking and local people helping digital nomads, expats, retirees and English teachers move and transition to living in Chiang Mai, with local prices!  

Chiang Mai, Thailand is a very inexpensive place to live. You can now can take full advantage of this by using a local visitor support service charging local prices. Use our website to pre-book accommodations (monthly deals so up to 75% cheaper than Agoda’s daily rates).

We will meet you at the airport, take you to your new home, reserve your motorbike or car, and have your SIM card ready and waiting. Just arrive and relax!.

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With Chiang Mai Buddy You Are NEVER Alone in a Strange New Place

Once you arrive in Chiang Mai, take advantage of our half-day introduction tours for digital nomads and expats. In just 4 hours you will learn what would take months to discover yourself. We will show you local markets, co-working spaces, expat clubs, bars, assist with phone plans, and teach you how to save money bargaining like a local.

Book an appointment for help saving days of frustration with problems you’ll encounter not speaking the language or knowing local tricks for how things get done. We can make calls for you in Thai or you can hire a local Thai/English speaking person to assist you on an hourly basis. Take advantage of our many “How To” articles and guides to really learn about your new home.


Popular Services Available At Chiang Mai Buddy

1000 BHT
US $27

Pre-booking your apartment, motorbike or car (if required). Pickup at international or domestic airport terminal and transport to your residence with vehicle keys and cellphone SIM card waiting.

550 BHT
US $15.00

Avoid the stress of waiting in taxi lines then not being able to communicate where you are going. We wait for you at the arrival terminal then take you and your luggage to your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle.

1 Month+
Price Varies
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7 DAYS NOTICE REQUIRED. For 500 BHT we will find you a room and get you on your way. For 600 BHT we book, prepay, and get the contracts ready. Just arrive and get the keys (FREE with Complete Arrival Package order).

1 Yr Ed Visa

We take care of the 90 day reporting, residency certificates, and help you stay in Thailand with a one year visa without any need for you to attend long Thai language classes and testing.

500 BHT
US $13.70

Providing you have the required documents and fit the criteria, Chiang Mai Buddy can provide you with a Thai person co-signer and help you open a Thai Bank Account.

Sak Yant Tattoo
US $68-95

Sak Yant Tattoo—the magical tattoo of Thailand. For Men we can take you to a real Monk; for Women a Cambodian Shaman. Get a genuine piece of traditional Thailand.

Price Varies

Thinking about retiring in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Let CMB help solidify your long-term living arrangements with a visa, short- and long-term accommodations, bank account, and ongoing support.

Medical & Vehicle Insurance
Price Varies

Medical, health, life, home, and vehicle—you name it, we have the ability to insure you with a wide selection of coverage options from Thai and international companies.


Urgent Hep in Chiang Mai

The last thing you want when you arrive in a new city is to stress about trying to find decent accommodation and transport. Not to mention, if you do not speak the local language, always wondering if you are being ripped off as you try to get your basic essentials in order. With Chiang Mai Buddy, you have a friend with serious skills and local knowledge to help make life easier for you. Once you are here, we can assist with finding long term housing, deal with police situations, find you dentists, doctors, and so much more.

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Our clients always say it best. Read More Testimonials

Awesome Service

profile picture.jpg

Chiang Mai Buddy helped me out finding a great apartment. They also provided excellent service with picking me up from the airport, getting me a Thai bank account, that will avoid me having to pay for the ATM fees.

I took the Nomad tour and highly recommend anyone to take this tour! They showed me many places in and around Chiang Mai, they can show you local gyms, markets or shops that I would have missed if I did not take this tour. They offer many more great services, it has saved me a lot of time and I am sure without the help of CMB it would take me lot longer to find what i was looking for here in Chiang Mai. I will definitely continue to use the services of Chiang Mai Buddy, highly recommended !

Best Regards, Hans

Hans Brinkman

Can’t Be Beat!


If you thought that you could successfully plan and execute a stay (long or short) in Chiang Mai on your own and subsequently realized that you were dead wrong, the folks at Chiang Mai Buddy are the ones to call to help you out of your jam, open the doors you can’t unlock, or simply just give you the sound advice and accurate information you need.

I researched the other concierge services available in this city and quickly learned that none of them can match what Chiang Mai Buddy has to offer in terms of their diversity of services, their level of professionalism and their commitment to their clients. They’ve helped me in a number of ways that have made my coming to Chiang Mai simpler and much less stressful. I’m really glad I found them.

Robert Barth

Godsend services. Thank you!


I’ve been traveling a lot but never had the pleasure of having hassle free in accommodation booking before like this time in Chiang Mai. These guys from Chiang Mai Buddy and their services are extremely helpful, handy, reliable, and beyond what I expected. They know the city very well like locals and the difficulties you may face when you come here for the first time to help you avoid them.

By the time this testimonial was being written, I was enjoying a coffee in my super comfort apartment, which CMB helped book it for me for a super cheap & unbelievable price, which you would be willing to pay for double the price or even more elsewhere, and ridiculously what you actually pay for CMB is not more than a tip for the bar girl you met in Bangkok. Plus, the budget pickup service made me, a poor banal looking nomad, literally feel like a V.I.P in the airport. Step down the airplane and there a beautiful friendly girl from CMB is waiting for you, waving you, takes you to your apartment, hands you the keys of your room and your motorbike which is already parked there for you. You have nothing else to expect, it’s really awesome for just a few bucks you pay for it. I wish there was a company like CMB at every place I go to but unfortunately it’s an exclusive for Chiang Mai, so you must not miss it.

Don Lee



The service Chiang Mai Buddy offers is one of a kind and is well worth the price. I was on an airplane for over 20 hours when I arrived in Chiang Mai. It would have been chaotic to sort out the details myself. CMB were at the airport when I arrived. Everything was in order and we even had a pleasant meal. It does not stop there…Chiang Mai Buddy is a valuable resource and continues to be helpful during my stay. Highly recommended!

Travis Martin
Self Employed

Great Service that saved my ass

05 Ron.jpg

I like to do things on my own, as an experienced traveler I almost never book accommodation in advance. It always worked out till now. But when I arrived in Thailand, all of the condominiums that I wanted to rent in Chiang Mai were suddenly booked out. So I was trapped in my hotel room and asked Chiang Mai Buddy for emergency help.

With their help I was able to move into my new serviced apartment one week later and they took care of everything. You can trust those guys and they know what they are doing. I will recommend them to my friends who would like to come to Chiang Mai.

Ronald Richter

Fantastic service & help by amazingly kind people


Working with Chiang Mai Buddy was a wonderful experience! They are super professional and timely. We were able to rent a motorbike with ease from a shop and getting gas the first time with some guidance was great. They know Chiang Mai very well. We explored all around the city & the outskirts – I was able to visit local food markets and food stalls outside the city (30-40 mins out) and saw the temples that weren’t already full of tourists.

It was a breeze working with them and I will definitely use Chiang Mai Buddy again when I’m back!

Amy Truong

Went beyond what was needed

bob jones1.jpg

I am a Nomad with years experience around the world and been to Chiang Mai several times already. I always just turn up and go to a few of my favorite places. This time everything was full, I spent one and a half days looking, tired hot and frustrated I went to see Chiang Mai Buddy. They got me a room in a place that told me the day before they where booked!

They stored my luggage, let me have a shower, provided a meal and water while I waited for check in. I thought I knew about Chiang Mai – but talking for an hour I learned so much more than I knew. These guys went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of and did this all for 400 baht. I can not believe how much they did for me, and I am always going to use them in the future – No Doubt about it

Bob Jones

A Life Saver


I did my research before showing up in Chiang Mai and all the blogs told me hitting the street was the perfect way to find accommodation. Imagine my horror when everything on my shortlist was booked.

I messaged Chiang Mai Buddy in a panic and they got me a three-month contract on an apartment within the hour. They put in my deposit the next day and all I had to do was waltz in to collect the key. I wish I would’ve known about Chiang Mai Buddy before I flew out. Next time I’ll use CMB’s arrival service and save myself all the hassle and sweaty walking around town.

A Fantastic Service


I came to Thailand to retire and to start the place was very confusing. I was greatly informed about the place from the blogs on Chiang Mai Buddy. Using their service was a no brainer, I booked a short term place to use while looking for a condo and found the assistance amazing value.

Now I am considered an expert on Chiang Mai from people I meet and talk to – all because of what I learned reading from this website. A Great resource, Thank You

Robert Yancy
Imagine Media

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Why Come to Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is not only a very economical place to live, it’s also both historic and incredibly beautiful. Situated in a cooler, higher altitude surrounded by mountains, valleys and endless attractions, Chiang Mai is the perfect cross between Thailand’s beautiful tropical islands and the big city. Enjoy this video and see why Chiang Mai, Thailand is the world’s #3 top destination for digital nomads and a favourite for so many teachers and retirees.